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Hey Hey! Welcome to The Collection!

This is the display vehicle for the sports memorabilia collection.  Since the majority is in a bank vault, and there isn't room to display the rest, I've decided this is the best way to get my enjoyment out of it!  Most of The Collection consists of cards, and the primary focus is on baseball, but you will see football and basketball represented as well.  And since my formative years were spent in Chicago, it should be of no surprise that its athletes figure prominently throughout. 

Why collect?  As a practical matter, I love baseball and baseball history.  Perhaps more philosophically, we pass this way but once, and to build something is to commemorate the journey.  When the journey is done, I hope that this Collection will reflect the collector, perhaps in some way that is as yet undetermined.

So feel free to browse through The Collection using the menu.  Photos are in the process of being re-loaded after a hosting system upgrade that destroyed all my linkages.  Please feel free to sign the Guestbook and leave me your thoughts on what you like, or suggestions for improving the site....



This site was created on February 24, 2007

This site was last updated on November 27, 2013

What's New:

  • Lou Brock, Roy Campanella, and Dwight Evans Player Collection pages
  • Updated Want List page
  • Updated Collection Focus page

Coming Soon:

  • All photo images continue to be re-loaded
  • A large amount of Handley updates are planned
  • Checklists for the featured Vintage Cubs sets